We spun into each other’s lives
In a circle of vertigo
Forever. Our love won’t go
Away. We touch the sky
Together yet we can’t fly
Today. You ask me why,
Dan? Because we’re high,

I’m distracting myself
By playing with your long blonde hair
The demons are still there
Your parents think I’m dirt, you know
There’s a problem with our cash flow
So we steal… I mean borrow
And the same tomorrow?

Now I have nothing but sorrow
You’re selling yourself to put things right
Candy, are you alright?
No. Of course you’re not
It’s you giving it all you’ve got
I like that painting you did of us a lot
What do I do? Sit here and rot

I’m reading you my writing
I’m your bedside entertainment this evening
My words. To you do they have a meaning?
But I’ll carry on
Still. Things go wrong
Chill. All hope isn’t gone
I will get a job, it won’t be long

I made a tent for the TV & I
There’s something really good on tonight
Because you can’t stand the light
All you want me to do is come to bed
But I don’t. You throw the ashtray at my head
What the …?! All I see is red
We’re at the hospital
“No morphine,” says the med

We tell them the news
Are they proud of us?
You & your dad cry, hug, make a fuss
While your mother just sits there
In the chair
Looking at me. I wish I didn’t care
I feel useless, I’d rather be elsewhere
Why are we here? You’re pregnant. Oh yeah…

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