Golden Tresses & Mourning Dresses

It has been a year and a day
Since you passed away
I no longer need to wear my crape
Which hid the tears that framed my face’s shape.

Though I forget you not
As I often visit my family plot
I spend as much time at your graveside
Cherishing the memories of us walking side-by-side.

I remember our special day
As if it were yesterday
Orange blossoms decorated my dress and my hair
And your golden tresses reflected the sun, so fair.

A Fear Trapped in Dead-lights

Your eyes tell me a different story
From your mouth, that infinite hole of glory
Forever wishing it were untrue
Someone has really already won you
It’s so very hard to get my head around
It. I’m trying but my tears leave no sound
Though your disrespect is loud and clear
I am crying but my sobs leave me bound
To you. My weakness is my mortal fear
You’re the dead-lights, I’m the dear

Christmas Fair 2017!

Delighted to announce that I’ll be behind one of around a hundred stalls exhibiting and selling work at the Christmas Illustrator’s Fair 2017, hosted by The House Of Illustration in London! It all kicks of on 9th December (11am-5pm), for one day only. Here a few examples of what I’ll have on display…

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