Psychic Petition

I’ve got to tell You something
Know that I am not lying
Through my window, an —– flew in
Only You could bring
The most beautiful thing

It looks like a girl
Not the norm of this world
Is she a herald?

I need to know one thing
She shows me many things
That are interesting
Yet misleading
All the while she grins

I can’t help but return the gesture
Just smiling like a jester
Think I want to digest her
And will need to detest her

I’d give You anything
To have her leaving
She exhales envying
I cannot breathe in

What is she doing to me?
Her aura has faded, she
No longer seems so lovely
Am I fit to be her envy?

She won’t be flying
I broke her wings
Can You hear her crying?
Now she never sings

She tries to tell me something
Now I am not listening
Her eyes are glistening
A psychic petition in…?

I understand nothing
Her halo/religious ring
Which I’m now holding
With two hands is burning
Me, scalding my skin
The crown cheapens to a broken string

You said You could fix everything…

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