So You Turned 18

I’m so high up
But that’s okay since you are too,
My point of view.
It’s so shallow
You’ll meet someone with more smarts,
I’ve broken hearts.
None too many
They always leave you in the end,
Don’t pretend.
You’ve got any
Sympathetic words to say,
Break my day.
Make my evening
Wearing that hot birthday suit,
Tell me I’m cute.
So you turned eighteen
It’s Friday and I don’t care,
Get out of here.
Who’s your new trick?
Show that little lying girl,
I’m still your world.
Of that I’m certain
I have never been so sure,
You’re far from pure.
Close to heaven
That’s the chick who kissed you quick,
She makes me sick.
Half eleven
At twelve I become a beast,
You midnight feast.
Eat you drink you!
You are not a man of God,
I pray a lot.
But I love you
It’s the last thing that I’ll say,
Just for today.

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