How Vain Of Her

All those chances
She should have taken
During his dance
Memories awaken
There isn’t a way, can she abandon rage?
See a band on stage
That’s pretty bloody amazing live
But that doesn’t kill her rage
Even as she sleeps, she keeps it alive
A small girl, this girl’s small
He’s around 5’9″
He raises his hand to hit her
And she never flinches
But praises this man, what hit her?
No one ever knows
Know one blow to the nose
Could be why, from my nostril, blood flows
Yes, you swung your fist
But you also missed
So that he could catch me
Sweet success, nonetheless
Isn’t that what we’re fighting for?
It must be more than feeling sore
Welcome me to the house of pain
Where we’ll lose a pound
For an ounce of gain
If they’ll desert us again
They can’t hurt us anymore…
More than they’ve done before.

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