What She’ll Do Next

She’s doing it again
Just walking straight past
Making my my eyes pour rain
I wipe the water away fast

That would be the first time
because of you I cried
This could be the last rhyme
About you. OK, I lied.

Would it hurt to hate her
As it does to care?
4-letter words won’t cover
What’s lingering in the air

You’re the one girl
I’ve wanted
to be
I want in my world
Your eyes are all I see

Wish she’d stop looking at me
Piercing my pupils with each iris
And I’m meeting her gaze helplessly
Don’t know why she does this

You didn’t speak to me before today
When I was with my three friends
Going down those stairs on our final day
And only your dialogue ends.

Who knows what she’ll do next?
My mind guesses as my body slumbers
A cold call, a twisted text?
I forgot we hadn’t exchanged numbers

You shouldn’t say such things
As you are just about to go
Each well-set, dulcet word stings
yearn to love you so.’

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