Dormitory Story

Been awake for seventy-two hours
Since when did you have that kind of power
Over anyone that you’ve ever touched?
I’m guessing you don’t hear that very much
Every time you are near I always see
But that’s not before your eyes are on me
And all the other girls that fall in sight
Why is everything so visual?

I need physical
It’s oh-so-simple
Too many verbals
Talking to marble

So I heard you like speaking to brick walls
Since when you speak I don’t listen at all
Isn’t this what they programmed you to think?
Just look at your floating boat as mine sinks
Underwater I’m immune to your sounds
Only to them and the rest remains
Everyone beams sunshine while my face rains

Send us thunderstorms
‘Stay in your own dorms.’
No, I won’t comply
Now bolts strike our skies

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