Of My Dreams

I keep dreaming
Of my daydreams
I sleep, screaming
My muffled screams
You are my dreams
And so it seems…

I weep, dreaming
Of my bad screams
Your tears, streaming
Right into my dreams
And its open jaws
Welcome all my flaws

By writing this prose
Or reading yours
I postpone my doze
With a lost cause
Behind these doors
Lie all of my flaws

I wake, dreaming
Of my sweet screams
I sleep, screaming
My shuffled dreams
And so it seems
You see my screams…

I sleep, dreaming
Of my sweet screams
I keep screaming
My muffled dreams
And so it seems
You are my screams…

I have read your prose
And written mine
These books will close
So now it is time…
To lay with my flaws
Or claw at the doors

I slept, screaming
For my good dreams
I kept dreaming
Of leaving my screams
And now I’m dreaming…
That you’re screaming.

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