Your Purpose

I wanna take a tour of your life
I wanna never leave your side
(May even wanna be your bride)

That made you speed away
How I hate that motorway

Let me in on your purpose
Tell me where you came from
Did you do this on purpose?
You’re back like you weren’t gone

I’ve gotta know everything about you
(So I can believe or doubt you)
I’ve gotta see if all the rumours are true

It shouldn’t matter who you are
Or how you got that car

Put me into your purpose
Whatever that might be
Get me onto your purpose
Tell me where this is going
I just don’t get it
And I hate not knowing

Girl, I know, you wanna be by my side
But are you interested in me or my ride?
There’s a thousand yous
You know it’s true
A man’s gotta do what he has to do
And I’m one to get busy
Yeah, I know you feel me, but really
Why you always asking me about my plans?
Acting like we’re together, like I’m your man
Maybe in the future, you’d be the one to wife
Right now I’m focusing on living my life

Oh, boy, I respect your honesty
But do you wanna miss this chance to be with me?

Take me in, take me out
Tell me where you’re going
Break me in, make me out
Oh yeah! Where did you come from?
And I just need to shout
That you leaving is wrong

In the passenger seat of your ride
I guess I got to be by your side

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